Experience The Challenge !

When an organization successfully challenges the sales insights and behaviours of its sales reps it can expect to improve its overall sales performance.

And that’s what “Experience the Challenge” concept will do for you !

Its power lies in its thoughtful step by step application, challenging research work and well-designed and engaging sales competitions.

How it starts ?

Prior to the group sessions, your sales reps will unexpectedly receive an invitation that contains a series of questions, challenges and competitions that will demand market research that are of great significance for your company, products, market and customers.

To answer and succeed at every question, challenge and competition, tips and clues will be deliberately placed or handed over at places that can/will unfold different important parts of the challenge. Like, the date and place of the group sessions, the insights that they need to gather from their research, or things like people and tools that can help them to deliver the best sales pitch and more.

“Experience the Challenge” taps into the sales reps’ already competitive nature while simultaneously providing them with a sense of community and collaboration.

It goes far beyond the transfer of information, by offering them 4 challenges in sales learning experience.

Here in short, the four challenges that we have for you are :

1st challenge :

‘The call for adventure’

Perceive another person’s motives, desires and interests.

2nd challenge :

‘The reflection’

Find and understand the hidden problems.

3rd challenge :

‘The threshold‘

Save or make more money ?

4th challenge :

‘The revelation’

Take control of the sale.

“Experience the challenge” will drive significant improvement in sales performance by addressing the core competencies of selling skills, functional and interpersonal skills of every sales rep.

The session is given in the following setting :

- Max. number of participants : unlimited
- Duration: in 1 or in 2 years for the 4 challenges.
(Language : English, Dutch, French)

(OPTION : the choice for one specific challenge only; Duration : in 3 or in 6 month)

How do you challenge your sales team to do better ?

Get in touch, and ask for the full "Experience the Challenge"-program, or meet the expert !